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The area of medicine called pulmonology specialises in the respiratory system. The organs that aid in breathing are a part of the respiratory system. These medical professionals have internist-level training. After receiving their degree, our Pulmonologists undergo an internal medicine residency, after which they work for a number of years in Fellowship in Pulmonology and further undergo postgraduate in pulmonology, frequently with a concentration on pulmonology but sometimes on critical care and sleep medicine. Only then may they accept patients as a Board-Certified pulmonologist after taking and passing speciality examinations.

Basics of Pulmonology:

Although pulmonologists can specialise even further, the respiratory system is a speciality in and of itself. Asthma and pulmonary fibrosis are just a few of the illnesses that some of these experts specialise in, while others specialise in treating particular patient populations, such as children or the elderly.

Structure of our pediatric pulmonology courses:

Another field of expertise in pulmonology medicine is pediatric pulmonology. Pediatric pulmonologists are medical professionals that treat kids with respiratory issues. They frequently deal with Asthma, Pneumonia, Wheezing, and Bronchitis in children. Pediatric pulmonologists provide procedures such flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy and pulmonary function testing (FFB) which are taught in Fellowship in Pulmonology. A non-invasive examination called pulmonary function testing may be carried out in a variety of methods to suit the needs of kids of different ages. Pulmonologists can use a fiber-optic scope to see within the lungs thanks to an FFB. This more involved technique, although not requiring surgery, does call for sedation.


Pulmonology Programmes provided by Medvarsity:

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Scope of Pulmonology in medicine:

The best specialisation is paediatric pulmonology since it offers a wide range of practise possibilities, allows for lifestyle customization, is intellectually stimulating, and has plenty of job prospects in both academia and private areas of practice. The practise of paediatric pulmonology can be adjusted to meet the lifestyle and interests of a practitioner. Children and adolescents with acute respiratory conditions and respiratory failure are treated by our paediatric pulmonologists. Neonatologists and internists routinely request consultations. Thus, critical care medicine might be the focus of this subspecialty's practise.

Who are Pediatric Pulmonologists:

Pediatric pulmonologists treat newborns, kids, and teenagers with chronic lung conditions, weak ventilatory muscles, and issues with neurologic breathing control. The use of additional oxygen during therapy, at-home mechanical breathing, non-invasive ventilation, etc. The paediatric pulmonologist typically treats the same kid from infancy through early adulthood, allowing for continuity of treatment and the chance to see his or her patients flourish. Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy is only one of the many procedures that paediatric pulmonologists can conduct. As a result, this subspecialty's practise involves techniques specific to the diagnosis and treatment of lung illnesses.

Benefits of our Pulmonology Programmes:

In our fellowship in pulmonology or postgraduate in pulmonology courses, hands-on training is given that enables each student to get experience using technologies that are suitable for the tasks for which the training is being delivered, carrying out tasks, or making judgments. The student may be offered the chance to assist the consultant depending on the skills and skill set displayed at the university. The student assigned to these courses will observe every action the consultant performs. Pulmonary function tests are carried out and analysed by our paediatric pulmonologists. These include standard pulmonary function tests, physical stress tests, sleep studies, assessments of the strength of the muscles controlling the ventilation, as well as pulmonary function tests performed on infants.


Designing physiological tests that may be used on children of various ages and levels of cooperation with testing presents new challenges for paediatric pulmonologists. As a result, physiologic testing is used in the practise of this speciality to aid in the analysis and treatment of children. These are one of the many advantages of opting for fellowship in Pulmonology at Medvarsity.