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Diploma for Doctors is an institute for medical professionals to get a diploma, fellowship, and certificate courses in Oncology in India. It is an online and on-campus courses for MBBS Doctors, BDS, Nurses and MD.

Oncology is the medical specialty that focuses with malignancies and tumors. When a doctor refers to oneself as an oncologist, it signifies that they primarily treat cancer sufferers and have received further training or study to aid people with the condition.

Oncology is an amazingly post-doctoral course in medicine. The field of pharmacy that deals with tumors or malignancies is known as medical oncology. Medical Cancer disseminates the findings of clinical and laboratory research in oncology and hematology, with a focus on experimental therapies in immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

Why to study oncology

  • Medical Oncology is a highly specialized speciality of medicine that is frequently embellished by professionals; it is one of the most paid disciplines of medicine.
  • After completing a super-specialization in oncology, students have several options, including becoming a clinical, plastic, or radioactive oncologist and working in various public and private institutions around the country.
  • With the rise in cases of cancer, the administration has made it mandatory for each institution to establish an oncology section, increasing the need for such personnel.

Fellowship program in oncology

Clinical training is provided in benign and cancerous hematology, oncology sspecializations transplantation of bone marrow and CAR-T cell therapy, palliative care therapy, and research lab medicine through our fellowship program. Our fellows receive direct access to academics who mentor them in clinical, fundamental, or computational physics in hahematologyoncology, and marrow transplantation. Our faculty is committed to assisting fellows in achieving their objectives, and early mentorship is encouraged. We provide you the best quality of course  structure. We also provide online courses in which our faculty clears your doubt in no time. We also provide you the environment that you need to pursue this degree.

Diploma in oncology

Because there is a severe shortage of skilled oncologists in the periphery, this full-time two-year diploma course in medical oncology is intended to train mid-level specialists who will be capable of diagnosing and safely treat common cancers in a lower secondary peripheral countries hospital and will be encountered enough just to refer infrequent or complex cases of cancer to the relevant tertiary care cancer centre. The faculty of the our medical oncology programme must comprise at least one comprehensive appropriately qualified faculty member (supervisor). We are also provide you the library in which you can get a number of books.

About training

Following graduation from medical school, they must undergo postgraduate medical education through internships and an internal medicine residency programme, which is generally three years of paid employment under supervision. They are then comprehensively trained in all fields of oncology for approximately two to three years. Some oncologists specialise on one form of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, leukaemia, or lymphoma. Our institution provides you the implemented training program with practical knowledge so that you can further pursue for your job.

Oncology Courses after BDS

Medavarsity is one of just a few institutes that provides a fellowship in oncology. If you possess an OMFS pg degree, you can work as an assistant to an oncologist. That is the entry point for sophisticated maxillofacial surgery or oncology.

Oncology Courses for Nurses

Cancer sufferers and prospective cancer patients are cared for by oncology nurses in a variety of clinical settings. You will collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals to give patients with preventing cancer, detection, chemotherapy, management of symptoms, and pain management. We are providing you the course for nursing in our institution with best quality of teachers and faculty.

We provide various types of oncology courses:

  • Surgical oncologists are experts in conducting biopsies, which include the removal of tissue to be evaluated for malignancy. They also operate on patients to remove malignant tumours and surrounding tissue.
  • Radiation oncologists are experts in the use of radiation to treat cancer.
  • Gynecologic oncologists specialise in the treatment of gynecologic malignancies such as cervix and endometrial cancer.
  • Pediatric oncologists are experts in the treatment of cancer in children.
  • Hematologist-oncologists are experts in blood malignancies such as leukaemia and lymphoma.

By getting the oncology degree by our institution with quality of faculty and lab speciality you    might pursue a variety of employment profiles and occupations.

  • Senior Medical Consultant
  • Associate of Research
  • Oncologist who uses radiation
  • Professor

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